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Soft Tissue Therapy

     The soft tissue therapy performed at Up 2 Speed Sports Wellness involves a manual (hands-on) approach to address the soft tissue component of the injury. Soft tissue includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, bursae, fascia and nerves. When injury to these tissues occurs, whether it's one traumatic episode (macrotrauma) or a series of small traumas over time (microtrauma), the body responds with inflammation. Although part of the normal healing process, the presence of inflammation results in fibrous healing or scar tissue (adhesion) formation in and around the musculature, joints, and connective tissue layers. This very pain sensitive tissue limits muscle and joint range of motion anddisrupts normal movement patterns, therefore predisposing the patient to re-injury.


     The soft tissue and manual therapy techniques utilized at Up 2 Speed Sports effectively break and remodel scar tissue so that the fibrous tissue functions like normal non-injured soft tissue, resulting in pain-free, unrestricted, and efficient movement. These active techniques also serve to reduce inflammation and improve circulation of fluids. In addition to treating injuries, this form of therapy is also effective in addressing repair & recovery of overworked muscles and chronic postural stress syndromes.

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