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Doctor and Patient


 I created the R3- System-Repair-Recover-Rejuvenate, originally it was designed it for me, but soon after getting great results I wanted to share with others and help  teach my patients how to self-maintenance. Today it has been over 21 years of teaching thousands of people how to use different tools of self-maintenance. 

Dr. Michael Sanchez Story

Dr. Michael Sanchez is a 2002 graduate of Life West Chiropractic College in Hayward California. In 2003 he attended a course study at the University of Oregon which emphasized Speed and Agility Training. In 1995 he graduated from Cal State Hayward University with a major in Kinesiology with an emphasis in athletic training.


Dr. Sanchez works to optimize performance, fitness and health while reducing the risk of injury for every individual.​ Dr Sanchez has acted as a Trainer/Chiropractor for numerous professional athletes, college and Olympic athletes.

Dr. Michael Sanchez


His clients have included J.J. Stokes (New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers), Fong Nguyen (Linebacker for Texas Southern), Clous Bjorling (Tri Athlete winner of the Nationals in 2005), Amani Toomer (New York Giants), John Parella (All Pro Oakland Raiders), Chris Hetherington (Oakland Raiders, Zack Crockett (Oakland Raiders, Barry Sims (Oakland Raiders), Sam Williams (Oakland Raiders, Chris Cooper (Oakland Raiders), Tyrone Wheatley (Oakland Raiders), Matt Toeania (Chicago Bears), Albert Toeania (Oakland Raiders), John Madsen (Oakland Raiders) Christy Gain (Olympic medalists), Justin Gatlin (Olympic Athlete), Bill Walker (Boston Celtics), O.J. Mayo (Memphis Grizzlies) and the University of El Paso Texas Football players and Golf Team.​

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