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Physical Rehabilitation

At Up 2 Speed we provide the most advanced protocols in exercise rehabilitation. We specialize in total body functional movement with emphasis on proper posture, core strength, flexibility, and dynamic stability (balance).
   Following any injury, whether large (macrotrauma) or small (microtrauma), the body neurologically adapts by working itself around the pain and any other restrictions. This is the body's attempt to avoid pain; however, in doing so, faulty postural and movement patterns develop which leave the individual susceptible to further injury and a longer road to complete recovery. Our exercise programs are designed to promote natural biomechanics (movement) and restore function through re-education of proper movement patterns and strengthening injured (fibrotic) tissues in the proper lines of stress. This allows the body to return to normal pre-injury status. Each exercise program at Up 2 Speed is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the individual.

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